Design Ideas: Beautiful Modern Fence Panels

Design Ideas: Beautiful Modern Fence Panels

Your garden fence adds security and privacy for your property, but it can also do so much more. For instance, with modern fence panels you can create unique styles of fencing that will complement your personal style. So, let us look at some ideas for creating a beautiful modern fence for your garden.

1. Vertically Hung Fences

While this is the most common fencing design, there are ways to make vertically-hung fences stand out from the crowd. You can easily use modern fence panels to create a mix of clean vertical panels combined with horizontal elements. You can also mix colourful beds of flowers with darker stained panels to create a contrasting look.

2. Horizontally Hung Fences

Horizontally hung fences lend themselves to a wide range of custom designs. Cedar panels can create a relaxed yet sophisticated look for your property, while black cedar panels look great when paired with green lawns and modern architecture. Using panels of varying widths can also create a visually pleasing look for your property.

3. Climbers Wall Fences

Climbing plants like ivy can help make your fence feel more organic, and even part of the garden itself. By carefully positioning your modern fence panels to create a latticework, you can create a structure that allows flowers and vegetables to climb your fence. Make sure the fence you choose is sturdy enough to hold the weight of any climbing plants.

4. Modular Fences

These fences combine modern fence panels with a solid base such as poured concrete. You can create a range of different styles for this type of fence by mixing different colours, materials and textures. You can mix darker panels with a light base to create a stylish, modern look, or use narrow panels to create a more open and inviting feel to your fence.

5. Gabion Walls

You can create this type of wall with large stones held together with retaining wire. This type of fence looks great when combined with modern softwood fence panels. The use of cobblestones and local rocks will make it feel like part of the natural environment.

6. Wood and Metal Fences

Another option for decorating fencing is to combine modern fence panels with high-quality corrugated metal. The use of dark panels complements the metal well, while the metal itself is treated to give the fence additional protection.

7. Bamboo Fences

Natural bamboo stalks can be easily lined up with wooden fence panels to create a lush and tropical look to your garden. Each bamboo stalk is lightweight enough to be installed easily and will allow enough light to enter your garden without loss of privacy.

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At Clarke Fencing, we offer a range of modern softwood fence panels and posts perfect for decorative fencing on your property. We offer everything from closeboard panels, traditional rustic panels, decorative panels and more to help transform your garden space. To find out more about our range of fence panels and fence panel posts, visit our online store, or speak to one of our expert team members at our Stowmarket depot today.

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