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Benefits of Decking Fence Panels

There are several reasons why decking balustrades are a desirable addition to any garden or decking project:

  • Decorative – Wood deck railings and fence panels can add to the overall visual appeal of your garden or deck. They can add a sense of style and beauty to your area while still serving their purpose as a barrier. In addition, by using wood your fence will give your garden a natural and traditional look.
  • Simple Borders – With decking fence panels you can easily section off your garden or deck with easy borders. Border and deck panels offer a hassle free yet effective way of marking and dividing off specific areas. In this way they not only enhance the look of your property but also help mark off any garden, deck, pond or other space where needed.
  • Safety and Security – Without some sort of fence you could easily step onto garden beds, into a pond or off a balcony deck. Decking balustrades are just tall enough to prevent you from accidently damaging your garden or harming yourself. In addition, border and deck panels can help keep certain unwanted pests away from your garden or pond.

Our Border and Deck Panel Products

Here are some of the products we have on offer for border and deck panel fences:

  • Cross Top Panel – Decorative style cross top panel fence designed to enhance the look of any garden. Panels are 90cm high and 1.80m wide. We plane smooth all timber and pressure treat it to give it a green hue. Best paired with a cross top gate.
  • Elite Cross Top Panel – Featuring a standard cross top panel with a thicker decorative detail on top. All panels are 90cm high and 1.80m wide. All timber is planed smooth and pressure treated green. Best paired with an elite cross top gate.
  • Planed Gravel Boards – All boards are made from planed smooth pine and are designed to add protection and support to panel fencing. Dimensions for gravel boards are 1.80m x 145mm x 45mm. All boards have been pressure treated green.

Clarke Fencing

Here at Clarke Fencing we offer an excellent range of fence and timber services for clients throughout East Anglia. In addition to wood deck railings and fence panels we also stock traditional panel fencing, hurdle fencing, and more. To find out more about our range of border and deck panel fences please contact our friendly team online or via phone, or come pay us a visit at our Stowmarket depot today.

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