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Benefits of Hazel Hurdle Fencing

If you are thinking of buying either hazel or willow hurdle fencing, here are some benefits to keep in mind:

  • Eco Friendly – All materials used for interwoven fence panels are sourced from locally grown and natural sources. By sourcing mature specimens we allow younger trees to grow, which helps create a more environmentally friendly material.
  • Traditional Look – If you want your garden to have that rustic look then hurdles are one of the best options. As one of the oldest forms of fencing that is still in use after thousands of years, hurdles still provide all the protection you need while adding a classic look.
  • Privacy – Hurdles will still provide privacy from unwanted attention even when used in a modern setting. The thick interwoven fibres of hurdles help ensure that your garden will remain well hidden from prying eyes.
  • Security – Having been used to protect land and property for thousands of years, hurdle fences are still a great way to make sure no intruders enter your space and no children or pets can escape.
  • Protection – Hazel hurdle fencing is strong enough to withstand a range of weather conditions including wind and rain.

Hazel Hurdle Fencing vs Willow Hurdle Fencing

There are two types of interwoven fence panels we have on offer: hazel and willow. Both materials are completely natural and have their own benefits. Hazel is much thicker and tougher than willow and you can use it to create a more rigid fence. Willow, on the other hand, is thinner and therefore more flexible in its uses, as well as being easier to work with. Whichever material you decide to use will be up to your own personal needs and preferences.

Clarke Fencing

Here at Clarke Fencing, we have been providing a range of fencing and timber services for clients across the East of England. In addition to our hazel hurdle fencing, we have a range of panel fences, fending products and commercial services available for all our clients. As an independent family run business, we pride ourselves on our commitment to top-quality customer service at all times.

To find out more about our hurdle fencing options or any other products and services visit our online store or speak with us online or via phone. Alternatively, come and visit our friendly team at our Stowmarket depot and see what we can offer you. For high-quality fencing options contact Clarke Fencing today.

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