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Our Concrete Fence Posts

Some of the posts we have on offer currently include:

  • Concrete Slotted Posts – We make all our posts from either dry cast concrete for natural textures or wet cast for a smoother appearance. We steel reinforce all our posts for extra strength and durability. We also make them slotted for easy installation. Comes in a range of lengths including 109 mm x 94 mm and 100 mm x 85 mm for intermediates and ends and 125 mm x 125 mm for corners.
  • Recessed Posts – We design these concrete garden posts for additional security and privacy. The posts have clear recesses to easily install rails. Comes in five height choices: 4’9”, 5’9”, 6’9”, 7’10” and 10’3”. Perfect for use with gravel boards and cant rails.
  • Concrete Universal Posts – Multi holed posts with four internal steel reinforcing bars, four-way top and holes every 150 mm down the post. Three heights are available: 1.83 m, 2.44 m and 2.65 m. Perfect for any use including close board fencing.
  • Heavy Duty Concrete Slotted Posts – These posts are made from special lightweight concrete and used where extra retaining is needed. Comes in three height choices: 10’, 11’ and 12’.
  • Concrete Chainlink Posts – Reinforced with steel rods, straining posts and struts, these posts are the most cost-effective way to protect your property. Can be used with a range of fixings including stretcher bars, eye bolts, and chainlink and line wire.
  • Concrete Repair Spur – Used to repair damaged wooden posts where the bottom section has rotted. This is a great concrete solution if the rest of the wooden post is still in good condition.
  • Cranktops – Used with high chainlink fences with holes in the cranked section for attaching barbed wire. Can be used with a range of additional fixings to complement your posts.

Choosing Clarke Fencing For Concrete Fence Posts

At Clarke Fencing we have been supplying and providing commercial fence installations and residential fence installations to a range of clients for over 30 years. From concrete posts to wooden panels we offer superior quality products and services. We work with a range of domestic clients and commercial clients as well as local authorities and perform all tasks to the highest standard. To learn more about our wide selection of concrete garden posts and other products we invite you to get in touch with us either online or via phone today.

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