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We shape our machine round fence posts so they have sharp points at one end while having a chamfered top at the other. This makes the fence stakes easy to drive into position so you can set up fences fast and easy. We source all pointed stakes from European redwood timber, kiln-dry them to 18-28% moisture content.

We pressure treat all our half round fencing rails through green tanalising. This process adds wood preservative to the rail when used outdoors and protects it from fungus and moisture. Tanalising gives new posts a greenish look that fades over time into a natural grey. Our half round fencing rails come in lengths of 3.66 m with a diameter of 100 mm.

You can use our jump poles for horse jumping or as a decorative border. We have designed both ends to be flat and blank, and each post has been pressure treated green UC3. Each jump pole is 3.66 m in length and 100 mm in diameter.

Half-round pointed stakes offer a more lightweight option to full round stakes. All fence stakes have been UC4 pressure treated and feature a height of 1.8 m and a diameter of 100 mm.

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