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Keeping the Badgers Out

Tornado badger fence has been specifically developed to provide a permanent solution for each of the following challenges: Manufactured from High Tensile line wires, with 8cm vertical wires, to provide the high level of resistance necessary to keep badgers out.

Fencing should be dug in to a depth of 600mm and folded outwards to prevent badgers from burrowing underneath it. Zinc and zinc aluminium coated agricultural fence service life can be affected significantly when exposed to extremely acidic or saline environments and this factor should be considered when designing your fence installation.

For typical service life to be achieved it is recommended that the product must be installed in an atmosphere with corrosively class C1, C2 or C3 (very low/low/medium) in accordance with ISO 9223 and must not come into contact with substances that will accelerate corrosion, including but not limited to fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, salt water and soils of pH lower than 5.5.  Particularly at sites with peaty and wet ground conditions it is recommended that you have the soil pH tested prior to designing your installation. To prevent the fence being climbed, the top can be finished with barbed wires, electrified wires or cranked outwards.

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