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Work Station Kit, 622 Piece

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The Teng Tools Work Station Kit is supplied in the 37in wide TCW207N roller cabinet, complete with 7 drawers and the new TC-TB03 wooden top plate to create a useful working area. It comes with the following kits and tools:

TTXEXT13 Extension Set, 13 Piece:
2 x 1/4in Extension Bars: 150 and 300mm; 2 x 3/8in Extension Bars: 75 and 500mm; 2 x 1/2in Extension Bars: 75 and 500mm; 3 x Universal Joints: 1/4in; 3/8in and 1/2in; 1 x Adaptor 3/8-1/4in;
1 x T-Handle; 2 x Mini Hex Screwdrivers: 2.0 and 2.5mm.

TT1435 1/4in Drive Regular/Deep Metric Socket Set, 35 Piece:
11 x 6-Point Regular Sockets: 4-13mm; 6 x 6-Point Deep Sockets: 6-13mm;
11 x 1/4in Hex Bits: TPX10, TPX15, TPX20, 5mm Hex, 6mm Hex, PH1, PH2, PZ1, PZ2, Flat: 4mm and 5.5mm; 1 x 1/4in Drive Quick-Release, Flip Reverse Ratchet; 1 x Universal Joint;
2 x Extension Bars: 2 and 4in, 1 x 1/4in Drive Coupler Adaptor; 1 x 3/8in Female/1/2in Male T-Bar Adaptor; 1 x 1/4in Drive Spinner Handle Extension with Power Drive 6in.

TT3819 3/8in Drive Regular Metric Socket Set, 19 Piece:
13 x Regular 6-Point Sockets: 8-22mm; 1 x 3/8in Drive Pro Ratchet; 1 x 3/8in Drive Universal Joint; 1 x 3/8in Drive Wobble Extension 3in; 1 x 3/8in Drive Rotating Spinner Handle 10in;
1 x 3/8in Drive 1/2in F – 3/8in M T-Bar Adaptor; 1 x 3/8in Drive Coupler Adaptor.

TT1217-6 1/2in Drive Regular Metric Socket Set, 17 Piece:
17 x Regular 6-Point Sockets: 10-32mm.

TT1205 1/2in Drive Socket Accessories Set, 5 Piece:
1 x 1/2in Drive Quick-Release Ratchet; 2 x Extension Bars: 125 and 250mm; 1 x Universal Joint; 1 x Adaptor.

TTHEX7 Metric Hex T-Handle Driver Set, 7 Piece:
Hex Keys: 3 x 100mm: 2.5, 3 and 4mm; 3 x 150mm: 5, 6 and 7mm; 1 x 190mm: 8mm.

TTTX7 T-Handle Driver TX/TPX Set, 7 Piece:
TX/TPX Keys: 3 x 100mm: TX/TPX10, TX/TPX15 and TX/TPX20;
3 x 150mm: TX/TPX25, TX/TPX27 and TX/TPX30;
1 x 190mm: TX/TPX40.

TTX2032 Metric Combination Spanner Set, 7 Piece:
7 x Spanners: 20-32mm.

TT1236 Metric Combination Spanner Set, 12 Piece:
12 x Spanners: 8-19mm.

TTSN11 Dismantling Set, 11 Piece:
5 x Screw Extractors: 7/64, 9/64, 5/32, 1/4 and 19/64in;
4 x 1/2in Stud Extractors: 6, 8, 10 and 12mm;
2 x Nut Splitters: 5-20mm and 14-27mm.

TTOS16 Oil Service Set, 16 Piece:
6 x Double Ended Drain Plug Sockets; 1 x Drain Plug Bar; 2 x 6-Point Spark Plug Sockets: 16 and 21mm; 1 x Oil Filter Wrench; 2 x Wobble Extension Bars: 3 and 10in; 1 x Adaptor 1/2-3/8in; 1 x 6-Point 21mm Socket; 1 x Telescopic Inspection Mirror with Magnet; 1 x Set of Feeler Gauges.

TTMI16 Mini-Pliers/Screwdriver Set, 16 Piece:
12 x Mini Screwdrivers: SL2, SL2.4, SL3, PH00, PH0, PH1, TX6, TX7, TX8, TX9, TX10 and TX15;
4 x Mini Pliers: Side Cutter 4.1/2in, End Cutter 4.1/2in, Long Nose 5in and Flat Nose 5in.

TT474-7 Circlip Pliers Set, 4 Piece:
2 x Straight Tip Pliers; 2 x Bent Tip Pliers.

TT440-T Mega Bite Pliers Set, 4 Piece:
1 x Side Cutters 150mm (6in); 1 x Combination Pliers 175mm (7in); 1 x Long Nose Pliers 200mm (8in); 1 x Water Pump Pliers 250mm (10in).

TTZVG03 Power Grip Pliers Set, 3 Piece:
1 x Power Grip Pliers 4in; 2 x Power Grip Long Nose Pliers 4 and 6in.

TTX2640 AF Combination Spanner Set, 7 Piece:

TT3592 AF Combination Spanner Set, 8 Piece:

TTAF32 1/4in & 3/8in AF Socket Set, 32 Piece:
9 x 1/4in 6-Point Regular Sockets: 3/16-1/2in; 9 x 1/4in 6-Point Deep Sockets: 3/16-1/2in;
7 x 3/8in 6-Point Regular Sockets: 3/8-3/4in; 7 x 3/8in 6-Point Deep Sockets: 3/8-3/4in.

TT1215AF 1/2in AF Socket Set, 15 Piece:
15 x 11-Point Regular Sockets: 3/8-1.1/4in.

TTTX30 1/4in & 3/8in TX/TPX/TX-E Socket Set, 30 Piece:
9 x 3/8in TX Sockets: TX10-50; 9 x 3/8in TPX Sockets: TPX10-50; 5 x 1/4in TX-E Sockets: E4-E8;
5 x 3/8in TX-E Sockets: E10-E18; 1 x Extension 76mm; 1 x 3/8in F: 1/4in M Adaptor.

TTTD17 Tap & Die Set, 17 Piece:
7 x Metric Dies 3-12mm; 7 x Metric Taps: 3-12mm; 1 x Tap Handle; 1 x Die Handle;
1 x Screw Pitch Gauge.

TT804 2-in-1 Puller Set, 4 Piece:
1 x Three-Legged Combination Puller (2pc); 1 x Extra Yoke; 1 x TC Tray

TTX918N Mega Drive Screwdriver Set, 8 Piece:
6 x Slotted: 6.5x38mm, 3.0x100mm, 5.5x150mm, 6.5x100mm, 8.0x150mm and 10x200mm and
2 x Phillips: PH2x38mm and PH3x150mm.

TTPS09E General Tool Set with PS Tray, 9 Piece:
2 x Adjustable Wrenches; 1 x Power Grip Pliers; 1 x Utility Knife; 1 x Hacksaw Frame; 1 x Soft Face Hammer; 1 x Measuring Tape; 1 x Steel Rule; 1 x Ball Pein Hammer.

TT917N Mega Drive Screwdriver Set, 7 Piece:
3 x Slotted: 3×75, 5×75 and 6x100mm;
3 x Phillips: PH0x75mm, PH1x75mm, PH2x100mm;
1 x Pozidriv: PZ2x100mm.

TT917TXN Mega Drive Driver TX/TPX Set, 7 Piece:
2 x TX: TX8x75mm and TX9x75mm;
5 x TPX: TPX10x100mm, TPX15x100mm, TPX20x100mm, TPX25x100mm and TPX30x100mm.

TTX1292 1/2in Torque Wrench in TTX Tool Tray

TT9116 1/2in Drive Regular/Deep Impact Socket Set, 16 Piece:
8 x 6-Point Regular Sockets: 13-24mm; 8 x 6-Point Deep Sockets: 13-24mm

TTHEX23 Metric Hex Bit Socket Set, 23 Piece:
6 x Sockets 40x10mm: 5-10mm; 4 x Sockets 40x12mm: 12-19mm; 6 x Sockets 75x10mm: 5-10mm; 4 Sockets 75x12mm: 12-19mm; 1 x 1/2in 10mm Hex Bit Adaptor; 1 x 1/2in 12mm Hex Bit Adaptor; 1 x 2mm Hex Mini Screwdriver.

TTALU Socket Clip Rail Set, 32 Piece:
2 x Aluminium Rails; 10 x 1/4in Clips; 10 x 3/8in Clips; 10 x 1/2in Clips.

TTTX23 TX Bit Socket Set, 23 Piece:
8 x T40x10mm Hex Drive: TX20-TX55; 2 x T40x12mm Hex Drive: TX60 and TX70; 8 x T40x10mm Hex Drive: TX20-TX55; 2 x T40x12mm Hex Drive: TX60 and TX70; 1 x 1/2in 10mm Hex Bit Adaptor;
1 x 1/2in 12mm Hex Bit Adaptor; 1 x 2mm Hex Mini Screwdriver.

TTID20 1/2in Drive Impact Driver Set, 20 Piece:
Screwdriver Bits: 4 x Slotted: 6-12mm; 4 x Phillips: PH1-PH4; 4 x Hex: 4-8mm; 5 x TORX: TX30-TX55;
1 x 1/2in Reversible Impact Driver; 1 x 1/2in Coupler Adaptor; 1 x 5/16in Hex – 3/8in Male Adaptor

TTMD74 Ratcheting Bits Driver Set, 74 Piece:
1 x Ratcheting Bits Driver Set (inc. 6 Bits & 1/4in driver adaptor)
1 x Flexible Extension 150mm;
1 x Extension 100mm;
1 x Coupler Adaptor for 1/4in Hex Bits;
21 x Slotted: 0.6×3.5(x3), 0.6×4.5(x3), 0.8×4.0(x3), 0.8×5.5(x3), 1.0×5.5(x3), 1.2×6.5(x3) and 1.6×8.0mm(x3);
6 x Phillips: PH1(x3), PH3(x3);
9 x Pozi: PZ1(x3), PZ2(x3) and PZ3(x3);
18 x Hex: 2(x3), 3(x3), 4(x3), 5(x3), 6(x3) and 8mm(x3);
33 x TORX: TX6(x3), TX7(x3), TX8(x3), TX9(x3), TX10(x3), TX15(x3), TX20(x3), TX25(x3), TX27(x3), TX30(x3) and TX40(x3);
21 x TPX: TPX10(x3), TPX15(x3), TPX20(x3), TPX25(x3), TPX27(x3), TPX30(x3) and TPX40(x3).
9 x Rob Square: ROB1(x3), ROB2(x3), ROB3(x3);
10 x GR: PH2 GR

TTX6311 Metric Double Ring Spanner Set, 11 Piece:
6/7mm – 30/32mm.

TTXPB3 Prybar Set, 3 Piece:
3 x Pry Bars: 12in, 18in and 22in

TTXMB02 Mixed Pliers Set, 2 Piece:
1 x Water Pump Pliers 10in; 1 x Adjustable Wrench 10in

TTNR81 Nutsert Tool Set, 81 Piece:
1 x Nutsert Tool with 4 Quick-Change Mandrels; 1 x Nose Piece Wrench; 75 Assorted Nutserts (20 of each: M3, M4, M5 and 15 of M6).

TTPC09 Punch & Chisel Set, 9 Piece:
1 x 150mm Centre: 5mm; 6 x 150mm Parallel: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8mm; 1 x 150mm Flat Chisel: 19mm;
1 x 200mm Flat Chisel: 25mm.

5 X TTZ01 Add on Tool Trays

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